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Quotes i had a 1989 mercury lynx just sitting here till the town made me get rid of it. i saw jay's ad on craigslist for $275 and called immediately after everyone else said $100 He came through big time and even helped my wife take the groceries in a true gentleman Quotes
Howell NJ

Quotes I have dealt with Jay every week for 3 years. Although he is very abbrasive he is a man of his word. He will go above and beyond for anyone and i have seen him helpout many. He is the only repo guy i will call as he is effective and stern yet the debtors actually like him,several have bought cars off him. Quotes
Martin Daniels
Used Car Manager

Quotes When my truck was vandalized everyone kept saying it was worthless i called scrappers but they said they wouldn't pay because it had no wheels and they couldn't get it on there trailer. One guy came with a flatbed and told me $100 to take it away after he said $75 on the phone. Liberty came with cash and had it gone no title wheels keys or anything. They are fair and do what they say. Quotes
Mario R
Seaside Heights

Quotes Jay paid what he said he would. When everyone else offered me $50. He told me what the car was really worth. He gave me $200 and was there waiting when i got home. Quotes
Lisa S

Quotes My son went to college and left his truck here the county started harrassing me about it. Jay picked it up and gave me money to send to my son. he even made the county stop persuing the fines. Quotes
Walt W.
Carneys Point NJ

Quotes My 93 Prelude caught fire on my way home from work the towers who took it were very mean and bullied me around. Jay paid the impoiund fees and gave me $50 i'ld recommend him to anyone. Quotes
Cape May Point NJ

Quotes I called Jay at 10:47 the car was gone by 11:10 thanks for removing my headache. Quotes
Eric Wright
Manchester NJ